Collective Insight Therapy Services, LLC

Finding Hope, Compassion, and Healing Collectively.

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Collective Insight Therapy Services, LLC was birthed after I struggled to locate safe and culturally sensitive spaces. I wanted a space not only that was full of culture and safety but also transparency, genuine people, and positive, warm, flowing energy. When I couldn't find this independently, I immediately stopped searching and decided to create and share this space with others.
We are a unique private practice providing mental health therapeutic support for individuals wanting to feel safe to be their authentic selves without any judgment attached.
I have practiced within the community for seven years providing inpatient, outpatient, and community services. As you explore this website, you will notice we collectively value finding hope, compassion, and healing jointly. We strive to create an atmosphere where one can work towards freeing themselves of negativity, stress, self-doubt, fear, anguish, guilt, irritability, etc.
As your therapist, I strive towards creating a collaborative, safe environment where we can work together but where one also feels secure to laugh, cry, identify and feel their emotions without Judgment.
I utilize a Trauma-focused approach recognizing we all have had our share of hard times. I understand that no one on this earth is perfect, and I don't intend to be that person. I come to you as a genuine human being with knowledge and experience to provide support. I am passionate about what I do because I know that change can happen. Therapy works well when one is honest with thy self first and foremost and when transparency and vulnerability are also present. A close connection and positive supports/community are also helpful.
Seeing through one's clouded judgment during challenging times can be difficult. When faced with many challenges, one may be unable to see the positives and strengths within themselves; that's where Collective Insight Therapy Services come into play. We are here to provide collaborative support so our clients do not feel alone during what may be the most challenging time of their lives.
Please continue to explore our website, and if you identify we may be a good fit based on what you have read and viewed, feel free to contact us and schedule a 15min consultation to explore this process further and identify the next steps.

Individual Psychotherapy

I provide psychotherapy services for short (6-10 sessions) or long-term support. I utilize a warm, non-judgmental, and trauma-focused approach. This process allows me to not only provide support but work towards building rapport with individuals seeking assistance. My primary therapeutic techniques are as follows; Person-Centered, Cultural Sensitive, Strength-based techniques. We explore cognitive, behavioral, and emotional patterns, utilize Energy psychology, and a compassion Focused approach.

Empowerment Group Therapy Services

I provide Empowerment group services to reach more individuals experiencing similar challenges. The focus of our groups is to build community and heal collectively as a village. These groups are primarily created to provide relief and support for identified concerns (stress, irritability, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and family/relationship concerns). I offer a meditation and stress relief group that provides clients with a safe place to work "through" difficult times.

  • Portland, Oregon 97293, United States
  • P.O. Box 14614

A gofund me account has been set up for CITS community building and expansion of programs/services. If you can contribute please do so by accessing the provided link.